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" From a neighborhood business on the slopes of Mount Carmel in the city of Haifa to one of the leading import, marketing and distribution companies in the field of chocolate in the State of Israel. "

Saloum Import & Marketing Ltd. operates as an importer and exclusive marketer in Israel for leading international companies in the field of chocolate and confectionery, such as Sorini, Caffarel, Carstens & Erasmi, Kim's, La Suissa, Bauli ... and as a manufacturer of gift packages under the "Amore Chocolate" brand. The company's products range are selected from the best leading factories in Europe, while paying close attention to the quality, taste and appearance of each and every product. The company learns and is aware of the various and diverse sectors that exist in the State of Israel and adapts itself to its requirements, both from seasonal products such as kosher products for Passover and Christmas products and as everyday consumer products.

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Saloum Import & Marketing Ltd. is a self-financed family company that currently employs over 50 hard-working employees to provide its customers with the best service. And courteous equipped with the most advanced technologies for fast and professional delivery. In 2017, the company moved its location to Acre, to a new and computerized logistics center in an area of ​​5,000 square meters with a fleet of about 20 - air-conditioned vehicles moving to and from it. The center is equipped with the most advanced cooling and computer systems in the world. And constant freshness of the products in order to bring them to market under optimal conditions.

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Saloum Import and Marketing Ltd. visits both the private and wholesale markets. The company goes directly to the significant points of sale all over the country, and to the smaller points by wholesalers who have been cooperating with it for many years. The company's marketing and distribution system is adapted to the various levels of trade throughout the country and also in the Palestinian Authority.

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And about 1000 more stores and private marketing chains all over the country

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